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My dog, Ellie!

I'm Julie, the photographer behind BucksDogs.

I suppose it goes without saying that I'm an absolute dog person. 

I've been a professional photographer since 2009,  but ultimately came to the realization that some of my favorite images (and, um...clients?) have been dogs!  And so in 2017, BucksDogs came to be, and now I have the enviable job of loving on and photographing sweet pups in some of the most beautiful locations in Bucks County.

I have a super soft spot for rescues and for geriatric dogs...but dogs of every age, shape, size & color make me swoon.

Puppies - yup, totally adore them (who doesn't? I mean, who is with me here...serious character flaw if you don't, right?) 

And pedigree dogs and show dogs are just gorgeous creatures, of course. That goes without saying. 


It is my goal to capture stunning  images and create beautiful wall art for you to treasure always -

for no matter how many years we have with our canine companions, it is never ever enough. 

Hi there!

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